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June-March 2001

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SSC-R celebrates Tata Usteng's feast
Youth Rally | Mass | Games


As part of the celebration of the feast of St. Augustine, a symposium was held at the high school library that was participated by the fourth year students last August 24, 2000.

The program started with an opening prayer and the singing of the National Anthem led by SCA president, Freddie H. Lacorte and Majelyn dela Cruz respectively. The introduction of the guest speaker was led by high school principal, Rev. Fr. Ferdie Fornilos, OAR. It was Rev Rommel Rubio, OAR who led the symposium. He focused on the value of friendship and ways how to maintain it.

The SCA Choir gave an intermission number wherein they sang a song entitled “Awit ng Dakilang Saya.” After the talk, an open forum followed wherein the students can ask questions related to the subject matter. SCA Vice-President and SCA Secretary, Rizza B. Ignacio and Andrea C. Andrade hosted the program. It ended at exactly 11:30 in the morning.

Youth Rally

With the theme “That they may all be one…” a youth prayer rally was held last August 24 as a part of the celebration of the St. Augustine Week at the SSCR quadrangle that was participated by the whole SSCR community.

The event began at 6:30 in the evening with the singing of gospel songs that was led by the Singles for Christ. They sang three songs entitled, “Celebrate Jesus celebrate”, “Glory Glory God” and “I offer my life.” It was Bro. Dela Pena, one of the members of the SFC who led the opening prayer.

After the prayer, there was again rejoicing and singing of joyful and solemn songs. A newly formed band named Jirah performed onstage and one of the songs they played was entitled, “War Song.”

After the singings and praising, the speech of the guest speaker followed. Fr. Mike Cron, a priest from Noveleta was the one chosen to be the guest speaker of the event. He discussed about youth and experiences they encounter and he also said that people should be one with the Holy Trinity.

The students from Theology Department led the singing and dancing and the event ended at around 9:00 in the evening.


To celebrate the second day of St. Augustine Week, a concelebrated mass was held last August 25 at the school chapel together with other OAR priests and guest priests from different parishes.

The celebration began at around 8:00 in the morning. This celebration was participated by the whole Sebastinian community. It lasted for almost one and a half hour and before it ended, an introduction to the guest priests and the other OAR priests followed.

After the holy celebration, the students gathered at the quadrangle to prepare for the Karakol that followed shortly.


As a part of the 2-day celebration of the feast of St. Augustine, the Sebastinian Sports Club (SSC) together with the high school Student Council (SC) organized games that were participated by the Sebastinian community last August 26, 2000.

Some of the games include, the "Trip to Basketball", "Gelatin Relay", "Catch my Egg", "Arina Relay", "Robocop" and many more. Most participants came from the high school department but there are some college students who joined the games.

Some of the highlights of the event were the "Robocop" where the Montoya's group had a head-tohead match between the Monday group but they both won. In the "Arina Relay", Montoya's group also reigned.

Here are the winners of the games: Trip to Basketball, the Monday group; Gelatin Relay, the Cute group; Catch my egg, Hangal group; Japanese walk, Monday group; Garter relay, Montoya's group.At the end of the program, cash prizes were given away to the winners of the games. Reported by Ma. Leonila T. Codilla, Rizza B. Ignacio, Neschel A. Carriedo, and Jesi Cris Manabat

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