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June-March 2001


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Sports Column by Sidney Umban

NCAA South

Just last year, NCAA South had its first debut. It was formed by NCAA committee and staff because they wanted to expand NCAA to other regions and bring the level of basketball into new heights.

The first four participating schools were UPHR Biņan, Letran College Laguna, PCU Dasma and St. Benedict College in Alabang. As you can see, almost all of the teams mentioned are sister schools of those included in the yearly occurring NCAA competition. Last year, our school already knew about this new sports spectacle but did not join yet due to lack of preparation. But this year, since we're fully equipped and well prepared, we're participating in the NCAA South carrying the name of the SSC-R Hawks.

The sports that are included in this year's NCAA South are chess for boys and girls (High school students), men and women (College students), volleyball for men and women, boys and girls and basketball for men and women, and boys' category. Next semester, swimming might be included.

Our school has its participants in basketball for men's category, volleyball for men and women and chess for men and women.

Since many of us are die hard basketball fans, I am going to concentrate on our basketball team.

NCAA South formally opens September 15, and our team started preparing and training since August 21. They've been training from 7-10 AM in the morning and 7-10 PM in the evening. Here is our lineup:

Aster Abueg
Jason Francisco
Edgardo Barreto
Wilfredo Gabriel Jr.
Reginald Belleza
Renee Manzon
Jason Binosa
Lloyd Olaes
Gilbert Concepcion
Vincent Aris Salinas
Jojith Dellosa
John Paul Salvacion
Arnold De Ocampo
Ericson Terruda
Jay Jay Marvin Flores
Ryan Torregrosa
Edwin Expectacion - Head Coach

I was able to interview Mr. Edwin Expectacion, the head coach of the team. He is very confident about their capabilities. I asked him about the team's chances of winning and he said that he is not quite sure about this for he hasn't scouted and studied about the other teams but he said that they will do their best to win. He also mentioned the strengths of the team and they can do anything. They are very versatile. Every player can shift from one position to another in the game. There's a liability in the center position for we have no legitimate center. The tallest player, Aster Abueg, 6'2", is not a natural center but a big guard when he was still playing in the PBL. This liability creates another strength because the team can have a fast-paced game when they want to. Speed is the right term for it. Mr. Expectacion is very confident on every player's talents. He said that they are really good.

As for the head coach, he prepares himself mentally. He has been reading books to know some strategies and has been watching basketball games on T.V. According to him, he is still studying all the regulations of the games.

The games' format will be single round competition with amateur rules. The top four teams will battle for the next round until only two teams are left for the finals. Games will be held every Sunday and will end probably by the month of October.

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