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June-March 2001


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Teacher's basketball team slams Kolehiyolos

In celebration of St. Augustine's feast, invitational games were held at the school quadrangle last August 24. The Guros, withstood the Kolehiyolos rally in the second half to pull off a 41-40 victory.

The Guros, represented by the high school faculty members were headed by the hot hands of Mr. Edwin Expectacion, Mr. Jaime Punzalan and Fr. Ren-Ren. They led for almost the whole first half but the Kolehiyolos represented by the College faculty members fought back. Unfortunately, the momentum was on the other side. The first half ended with the Guros on top by seven, 22-15.

Early in the second half, the Guros had a great start increasing their biggest lead to a whopping 9 points. In crunch time, the Kolehiyolos put up a gallant stand fighting back with the guns of Sitchon and Guzon who initiated the late second half rally and tying the game 40 all with a few seconds remaining in the game clock. The Guros had the possession of the ball. One of the Kolehiyolos fouled the driving Edwin Expectacion sending him to the free throw line for two crucial gift shots. He made the first free throw giving the Guros a 41-40, one point advantage. But he missed the second. Luckily Mr. Ferdinand Manguera shared a very crucial rebound that saved a possession for the Guros as the final buzzer rang giving the guros a hard fought 41-40 victory over the rampaging Kolehiyolos.

The games delighted the teachers and students alike seeing their professors and faculty members playing their hearts out in the spirit of fun and camaraderie.   Reported by Aries M. Vinluan

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