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June-March 2001


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MVP interview

Hart TolentinoAs the Highschool Intramurals end, the Seniors basketball team won the championship and Mr. Hart Tolentino was hailed as MVP. I am sure that most of you want to know more of Hart. I got the chance to interview him and he’s quite a very down-to-earth person.

What did you feel when you were awarded the MVP?

I am filled with happiness and I feel great. Right after the announcement, “Nagulat talaga ako”

Did you expect to win the award?

Like I said, I really didn’t expect it a bit. I thought it was one of my teammates. “Akala ko talaga si FynkFloyd”

When did you start playing basketball?

Since I was 10 years old together with my DADDY.

Then my basketball skills were developed.

Do you have plans to continue playing basketball in college?

Yes, “Kung suwertehin”. I will be studying at La Salle Dasma or here in SSC-R.

Who is Hart Tolentino?

He is a simple person, kind, trustworthy and fun to be with.

What is the effect in you after bagging the MVP award?

I feel that I’m better but still the same old person. My self-confidence improved and boosted my morale.

Who is your inspiration in playing basketball?

My “Tropas”, teammates and to my beloved _ _ _ _ _.

What do you think are the things that made you an MVP?

My height, and my strength and I have confidence in myself.

Can you give an inspirational message for those who want to follow your footsteps?

Every game just give your best “Kahit maliit lang ang value”,also you must have focus and sportsmanship. Face your fears. Live your dreams. No fear.


By Sidney H. Umban

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