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June-March 2001


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Intramurals 2000

Opening day

San Sebastian high school department held their Intramural Games last October 25, 2000 at the school quadrangle to develop good sportsmanship and camaraderie among students and to enhance their abilities through sports.

Parade started at the R. Basa St. around 8:00 in the morning while CAT officers and COCC carried the school's colors. The players follow them with their muses, advisers and students of the participating teams namely the Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.

After the parade the Opening Ceremonies follows. The SSC-R Band and the SSC-R Choir played the Philippine National Anthem. Rev Fr. Renie C. Villalino leaded the invocation. The opening Remarks was given by Rev. Fr. Ferdinand Fornilos. The traditional and symbolic lighting of the intramural flames was lighted by this year's torchbearers Joan Dandan and Mark Lorino of the Juniors team. Mark Vergel Mateo the captain ball of the Seniors Basketball team leaded the athletes in reciting the Oath of Sportsmanship. The team captains and muses of the participating teams pinned their various colors. Rev. Fr. Ferdinand Fornilos officially opened the 2000 High school Intramural Games.

The Miss Intrams Beauty Pageant follows in which Ariane Argete of the Juniors team won. Rica Joy Margate of the Seniors placing 1st runner up and Jeremiah Janairo finishing 2nd runner up. The Cheering Competition follows with the Seniors winning for the third consecutive time. The Juniors, the Sophomores and the Freshmen respectively settled for the second, third and the fourth place.

The famed cheering competition followed the pageant. Cheering teams from all year levels anxiously waited their turn to perform under the tight scrutiny of the judges. All teams had complete props, the dancers wore colorful costumes, representing the color of their year level. After the teams' performance of different stunts and cheers, everyone waited nervously as the judges computed their scores for each team. After a few minutes, the results were announced by Mrs. Daisy Camacho with the Seniors' team in the first place followed by the Juniors in the second place, the Sophomores in third and the Freshmens in the 4th place.

Times of competition

Long wait is finally over. Our most awaited Sports event was finally conducted by the SSC-R community last October26-28 2000. Its main goal is to promote sportsmanship and unity among students and players alike. October 27, the first day of San Sebastian's Intramural Games. The Scheduled games were between the Freshmen and the Juniors, and the Sophomores against the Seniors. In the first match-up, the Juniors created a large margin against the Freshies both in Basketball & Volleyball. This gave them their first set of win and the Freshies their first taste of defeat. It was the same story in our second match-up. The more matured Seniors downed the Sophies to tie with the Junior team's record. October 27, second day of the Intrams 2000. The match-up was reversed in order. The Freshies will go up against the Seniors and The Sophies against the Juniors. The Seniors team used their age and skill advantage against the

rookie Freshies team and gained their second win and no defeat in all the major games. The Juniors team also showed their skillfulness and confidence and defeated the Sophomore Basketball and Volleyball teams respectively. This was the story of the events on the second day of the Intramural games.

October 28, the third and last day of Intrams 2000. This was the day when all the exceptional players show what they are made of and bring their respective teams to the championship. For the battle for third, the Sophies defeated the new comer Freshies team and gained them the third position in both Basketball and Volleyball competition. The championship was between the Juniors and Seniors team. Both gave their best but there must be a winner to be declared. Two of the major games were won by the Juniors and one by the Seniors. With this accomplishment, The Juniors team was declared as the Over-all champion.

The Intrams 2000 has finally come to an end. The main goal of unity and sportsmanship was evidently shown in every game that was conducted. This should tighten the bonding of Sebastinian students towards each other no matter what year level they are in. It really showed the unity and sportsmanship that the Sebastinians truly possess. By Irwin Lasafin and Aries Vinluan

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