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June-March 2001


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Editorial Column by Christina Doughman

Flushed Out Moralities

While loitering around at the Girl's CR, I noticed something weird and not Sebastinian like. What I'm specifically pointing out is the colorful blends of writing or I can also call it the Graffiti of the Girl's CR. There are big words and small ones, most are written in pentel pens, others with correction fluids.

Many who have enemies prefer the fight fire with fire technique. If you're coward enough to tell it or shout it to their faces that you're psychologically mad at them, you could just always send them a note, through the CR wall, that is. I don't agree, writing extensive words and phrases at the CR with the names and sections of the addressee is very unethical. I don't really know where the moralities and the ethics are going now, but I'm sure it's down the drain for most of us kids. I don't mean one shouldn't spell out in words the feelings of their heart. Nor did I mean settle things down in a fight. What I like to address here is that you don't have the right to stab others at the back with notes like that. If you're mad at somebody, talk and forgive that person. Don't use the CR walls as a free expression of foul language. Also, such deed is considered as vandalism, which is one of the major offenses.

Remember the many times we've been forgiven and still accepted by God. He taught us to do the same with others. Don't you think these petty quarrels done with the CR walls are very shallow?

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