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June-March 2001


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Lucid Obscurity by Mariella Muncal

Respect and Morality

eenagers of today are very winsome young fellows. Most are hardworking, patient, and some are even loyal and trustworthy. But…somehow, something is missing. Most lack respect, some…even morality.

The degradation of the society is at hand if this will continue to uphold. After all, the youth of today is the hope of tomorrow. But with the situation at hand, this is something dubious. They always say that adults' examples made them like this, but really, it isn't that way always. It's up to the person to decide what he decides to be. Take this for example, take this girl as "liberated", you know, well, you can't really condemn her mother for not giving a right example or her father for not giving her lectures. It's really her doing that she became what she is. I know that many of you people don't believe in God anymore. But I do. And I believe that God gave us freedom and freewill to choose our paths.

Let's get to lighter matters. Respect. I know my mom hates it when my friends come to our house and never greets her "Good morning" or "Good afternoon." I'm sure it is the same with most parents. Just a simple greeting would do. How you conduct yourself at other people's houses, reflect your personality. When you get in another person's house, respect the people in that house and take extra care not to destroy pieces of furniture and things. I seldom hear adults praise a teen for his unapprised respect. It's a word that the new generation has forgotten. It's tada to aboriginal respect.

Next, the serious matter. Morality. Some kids today don't value virginity any longer. The idea of premarital sex is something as accustomed as eating candy. Getting the idea isn't bad, doing it is what's bad. Ever heard about the phrase, "Collect and collect and then select?" Yup, that's the phrase of the new millenium. Playboys and playgirls are as ordinary as that local favorite called the "Kwek, Kwek." I don't know if I spelled that right, but then, in English, I mean those who don't seem to be appeased with one girl or one boy in their lives. Love? It's unlike before. Not all sweethearts love each other. Some are together because well, their boyfriend or girlfriend is a good kisser or something, whatever. Well, it's unbelievable, but it's definitely, absolutely a fact. This fact unfortunately, leads to teenage pregnancies and premature responsibilities.

Homosexuality in my opinion is not bad. Being gay doesn't make you a freak people see you as. It's better being true to yourself than being something that you're not. What's bad is when a gay guy desires another guy or when a gay woman desires another woman. For God created man for woman and woman for man and not the other way around. So that's it. My column space isn't enough. I'm not trying to give a lecture; I'm just trying to make a point. If you want to see a better future, be better yourself.

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