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June-March 2001


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SSC-R sends delegates
to CaReS 2000

Cares DelegatesWith the theme "The Word was made flesh…and dwelt among us..", the 6th CaReS Youth Day was conducted last November 29-December 4, 2000 at Casiciaco Recoletos-Seminary by holding different activities and programs that was joined by the different OAR and AR schools in the Philippines.

San Sebastian community delegated Freddie H. Lacorte Jr. and Rizza B. Ignacio both from IV-St. Augustine with their chaperon Ms. Emma Baita. Other schools like St. Joseph College, Lady Mediatrix Institute, St. Rita College, San Sebastian College-Manila and Colegio de Santo Tomas also participated the event. The registration of the delegates and their chaperons took place on the first day at around 3:00 in the afternoon. It was then followed by the music practice and the orientation at the social hall.

The second day of the event celebrated the feast of St. Andrew the Apostle. Also, on this day, the CYD 2000 was officially opened with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist that was headed by the Vicar Provincial, Rev. Fr. Lauro Larlar, OAR. Everyday, the community starts their day with the praying of Lauds. Before eating their lunch, they have their Midday Prayer, before taking supper, Vespers is prayed and Complaints is prayed before sleeping.

The third day began with the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in honor of the Sacred Heart with the main celebrant, Rev. Fr. Randy Castillo, OAR. After the Mass, the Blessed Sacrament was exposed for the whole day for it was been a practice in the seminary. In this day, the Recollection was conducted with a different tone. Fr. Randy, the recollection master gave his points and reflections through a play that was performed by the Confessors, the third year seminarians. After the confession, the delegates were allowed to have their showers and after that, they went into the gym for the Bonfire, which ended at around 10:00 in the evening.

The 4th day of the event was the anticipated celebration of the 412th foundation day of the Order of Augustinian Recollects. Rev. Fr. Joseph Philip Trayvilla, OAR, seminary rector, was the main celebrant of the Holy Mass. It was Rev. Fr. Charlito Orobia, OAR who gave the homily to the community. After the Mass, the Mass Communications Media followed. Sis. Clothilde de las Llagas, DSP was the one who gave the talk to the delegates. It was followed by a film production presented to the community. Group sharings and prayers were done in the afternoon and a Black Rosary was prayed before everybody retired.

Mananita, or the serenade done by the seminarians woke the delegates in the Sunday morning. Rev. Fr. Paulino Dacanay, OAR, parish priest of St. Vincent Parish conducted the catechism to the delegates. Rev. Fr. Ronel Gealon, OAR, prefect of discipline headed the CYD inculturated Mass. After the Mass, joyful songs and praises shortly followed. In the afternoon, the parlor games were conducted to enjoy the delegates. At exactly 5:15 PM, the Cultural Show started with the presentation of the talents of the different delegations and seminarians. The center of the day's celebration was the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and the reading of the 6th CYD Manifesto. The day was closed with the prayer of the Holy Rosary.

The last day of the event was dedicated to Mother Nature. The Holy Mass and the Lauds were celebrated at the grotto of Our Lady of Montanoza in the seminary football ground. Rev. Fr. Cristituto Palomar, OAR, National Vocation Director was the main celebrant of the Holy Sacrifice. After the Mass, the delegates and their angel-seminarians did the tree-planting activity. The Ecology Tour followed after the community had eaten their breakfast. The delegates were given time to buy pasalubongs and souvenirs. During the farewell party, the delegates gave gifts to their angels and at the same time, bid adieu to everyone. A video production was played showing the activities since the arrival of the delegates up to their Ecology Tour that made everyone cry of sadness. This ended the event. By Rizza B. Ignacio

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