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June-March 2001


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Memory Lane

In the middle of the night, I was looking in the sky
I saw the stars twinkling like the shine in your eyes
I remember the girl somewhere in the past
Who had loved someone and hoped it will last

I remember her walking down by the lane
She caught sight of a boy who came
All throughout the day, she canít forget
The reflection of him that she had just met

She didnít expect to see him again
Suddenly found herself with a new friend
Days had passed and theyíre always together
Promised to be friends until forever

She didnít notice that she started to love
To the boy next door whoís like an angel from above
And there came a time that the girl needs to go
And she didnít even tell him nor didnít even show

Now Iím here looking at my mirror
I saw the reflection of the girl from before
I caught her eyes starting to cry
And kept on asking herself why

Until now she canít forget
The very first day that they met
She promised herself that sheíll continue
And make him her inspiration to get her out of the blue

Now the girl became so strong
She knows where she stands and where she belongs
She kept on thinking for the boy she missed
Forever sheíll continue to love and reminisce


- Resme Amistad

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