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June-March 2001


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Open your eyes and see the frailties of the human
race, the ludicrousness of the humankind.
See the folly of each man ever made, how
a friend turns into a fiend.

But open your heart and you'll see the beauty
of the human soul, the pureness of the human spirit.
For God has given everything that you have,
everything that you possess.
God has a plan for each and every one alive,
it is for you to choose the path you want to take.

For life has not so many a choice, life has
limited choices for you to select. It is not
fate that decrees destiny, it is he who
takes his path that does.

Envy not your neighbors for envy shall
Lead to sin. Scorn not yourself for your
weaknesses for sometimes your weakness can be
your strength. Suppress not anyone for the
suppressed shall always be blessed and the
suppressor will always be cursed ---
That is the law of life…

Respect is the key to unity…
Unity is the way to eternity…
For if unity be crushed---so will the lives of many.

As you arise, let smile be on your eyes.
Pessimistic be not for the world is full
of beauty, you had just passed by,
never noticed…

It is in every way not bad at times
to be angry, for anger is an expression,
an outburst of the spirit. Yet limit your anger,
for if anger exceeds, it begets hatred,
Hatred leads to sin…

Savor each second, each breath that you inhale.
Life is just a property you've been lent without
guarantee nor warranty, it could always be
taken away. So always seize the day, live
your life each day with a meaning, fulfill your
dreams, do meaningful things…most of all,
reach for the highest star…so when time
comes that heaven needs another angel, you'd
be remembered not for what you have done,--
but for who you are and what you've been…

Fear no to face your fears for it will
bring you courage.
Fear not to speak your mind out, for your
words tell who you really are.
If success for you is elusive, the greatest
hinder is nonetheless but yourself.
For success is determined by the belief you
have in yourself, the belief that you can take on
any impediments…most of all, life is a gift lent by God,
which is never to be kept, but is meant to be shared…  

— Mariella C. Muncal

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