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June-March 2001


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Class Will and Testament
Batch 2001

As we bid adieu, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to our dearest Alma Mater for all the learning experiences we had. You molded us to become better individuals and instilled within us the values of a true Christian. We oath to use all the knowledge and wisdom we have acquired from you for the common good. Your dear name will forever be inscribed within our hearts as we carry your unfading memories along.

To our Father President, Principal, Guidance Counselor and School Employees, We would like to thank you for guiding us and for the support you always render upon us.

To our Beloved Mentors, who became our second parents, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for helping us grow in love and knowledge. We will forever be grateful that once along our life's journey, we found you who molded us to what we are now and helped us build a life that is fruitful.

To our Successors, we humbly hand down our legacy. We hope that you will keep the light of knowledge shining and continue to give pride and glory to our dearest Alma Mater.

Before taking a step into a new chapter of our lives, we, the graduating class of 2001 hereby solemnly make our class will and testament.

The Academic excellence of Abigail Saria, Rizza Ignacio, Karenn Joy Calosa, Jen Joyce Faustino and Sheena Joyce Jarabelo to Ariane Mine, Avigail Armado and Michael Payongayong.

The Scientific expertise of Abigail Saria, Lenard Stuart, Michael Poblete and Jesi Cris Manabat to Michael Payongayong, Maureen Bay and Ariane Mine.

The Mathematical ingenuity of Jen Joyce Faustino, Sheena Joyce Jarabelo and Sidney Umban to Ann Ting, Alex Baron, Ariane Mine and Ramzel Monzon.

The Fluency in English of Abigail Saria, Karenn Joy Calosa, Jiezyl Mae Florendo and Mariella Anna Muncal to Joyce Pagkaliwangan and Michael Montoya.

The Filipino familiarity of Xyza Cutanda and Rizza Ignacio to Luz Moral and Avegail Armado.

The Brilliance in History of Lenard Stuart, Leonilla Codilla and Iris Pagkaliwangan to Ariane Mine and Michael Montoya.

The Computer Wizardry of Jenilyn Dela Cruz to Jessica Dela Cruz.

The Artistic Touches of Gaylord Salonga, Cristina Doughman and Rey Philip Panteleon to Michelle Rivera and Jerica Baculod.

The Confident Air and Persuassive speeches of Lenard Stuart, Michael Poblete and Jiezyl Florendo to Michael Montoya.

The Captivating aura of Joanna Nazareno, Tara Ronquillo, Rheena Mae Santonil, Rica Joy Margete and Leah Olidan to Arriane Argete, Maureen Ramos, Joyce Pagkaliwangan and Therese Crawford.

The Dashing and Attractive looks of Mark Mateo, Daryl Suarez, Jose Samala III, Adam Escobar and Karl Dela Paz to Ramzel Monzon, John Anthony Ngo, Edward Santillan and Rafael Gomez.

The Angelic Voices of Ma. Xyza Cutanda, Freddie Lacorte, Jonna Mae Cenica and Ann Soer to April Basa and Joyce Pagkaliwangan.

The Phenomenal Acting Ability of Michael Bulacan, Rellyric delos Santos, Xyza Cutanda and Tresheena Labayo to Michael Payongayong and Alvin Hernandez.

The Dancing Aptitude of Adam Escobar, Daryl Suarez, Freddie Lacorte and Jiezyl Florendo to Jerald Gonzales and Nicko Gonzales.

The Athletic Vigor of Jun Brian Olaes, Mark Mateo, Angelette Alfaro and Hart Tolentino to Ramzel Monzon, Joan Joy Dandan and Jerald Gonzales.

The Well-rounded Figures of Mariella Muncal, Jenilyn Dela Cruz, Clarice Labiano and Celeste Morado to Jesusa Garcia, Riclord Alcantara and Lawrence Lumagui.

The Curvaceous Figures of Joanna Nazareno, Rheena Mae Santonil, Arien Kaye Sison, Kim Agbunag and Katrinna Lumunsad to Arriane Argete and Dominique Hilario.

The Maria Clara Epitome of Lalaine Monton, Charmiane Hernando, Jasmine Mancilla, Eulah Baquiran and Charismar Orbegoso to Joanne Ortuste and Jenadyn Peregrino.

The Mischievous Personality of Fynk Floyd Acosta, Armeo Tolentino and Harold Cerilla to Philbert Sarreal and Jeffrey Reblora.

The 1001 Words per second of Rellyric Delos Santos, Karenn Joy Calosa and Michael Bulacan to Alvin Hernandez, Michael Payongayong, Michael Montoya and Edward Encarnacion.

The Distinctive Acoustic Style of Gaylord Salonga, Sheena Joyce Jarabelo and Mark Dones to Louie Convento.

The Towering Heights of Kenrick Macaspac, Aries Vinluan, Resme Amistad and Hart Tolentino to Jeremiah Janairo and Reiner Villovicencio.

The Debating Skills of Karenn Joy Calosa to Paula Pitiquen.

The Dynamic Exhuberance of Michael Bulacan, Rene Aquino and John Gaurano to Robert Ricasa and Alvin Hernandez. The Directorial Ability of Jiezyl Florendo, Rellyric Delos Santos and Mariella Muncal will never be surpassed. The "Punctuality" of Jasmine Mancilla and Jhona Taņag to Mylene Ynchausti, Sherani Cornejo and Redellie Convento. The Unending Thirst for knowledge of Michael Poblete and Lenard Stuart will remain unsurpassed.

The Cheering expertise of Batch 2001 will never be surpassed.

The commanding Vim of CAT-1 Officers Batch '01, we pass on to the next batch of officers.

The fight for Freedom and Truth of Echo Staffers Batch '01 we hand on to the next batch.

The Kingdom of Aphrodite of IV- St. Monica can never be matched.

The Controversiality of IV St. Joseph will never be surpassed.

The IV-St. Sebastian's Thirst for Competition will remain unsurpassed.

The Unified and Radical Spirit of IV-St. Augustine will forever remain untarnished.

The Fight for the Rights and Freedom of Student Council Batch '01, we pass on to the next batch.

The Perserverance and Determination of Batch 2001, the young reformers of the real Millenium who are united in fighting in what they believed in will never ever be surpassed.

Written this 24th day of February in the year of our Lord, Two thousand and one.

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