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June-March 2001


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Class Prophecy
Batch 2001

"...our ties will not severe,
though years be dark and long..."

Before I lay down for bed one night, I started to wonder what batch 2001 would become in the future. Then I found myself praying…praying for God to give me a vision for this batch. But before the future was unveiled, our past experiences and the past events during our high school life unfolded.

I was reminded that in a span of four years, we witnessed how the faith of our nation was entrusted to three different personalities - Fidel Ramos, a military turned politician, whose last year of presidency we have witnessed during our first year high school, Joseph Estrada, an actor turned into a politician, whom we have seen rise and fall from his leadership and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, an economist, who is our present president, who took oath recently as a result of "Edsa Dos". Also, during this four years, we have witnessed how our economy slid down to its lowest point in history, whereas the Philippine peso devalued to 55 pesos per 1 dollar.

Likewise, during our stay in SSC-R we have experienced changes in our own administration and faculty. Administrators and faculty members have gone in and out of this institution, wherein we had no choice but to adjust together with the changes happening all around us. We have also withstood the abnormal changes in our climate, wherein we saw rain fall on summer and felt extreme heat during the rainy season.

Then I began to ask what do these past events and experiences have to do with our future? Why did I have to travel back into time and reminisce once again the changes that happen before our very eyes?

And I discovered that each and everyone of us has the answer: the past has made us strong and firm to endure life's challenge of constant change, which about fear, anxiety and uncertainty of the future. God has put us through this because He is raising up young reformers for the real millennium in us.

From this batch will rise leaders in different fields who will bring about great changes, not only in themselves, in their family and in their community, but great changes to the whole nation, which will make our nation, which will make our nation rise above the rest.

Ten years from now, we will see national leaders rise, who will lift our country from its fallen state. Leaders in politics like Laviel dela Cruz and Brian Calupe, will be developed. Their regime would be different. They would make things right and run the government honestly and with dignity. They will reach out to people, not for the sake of politics but for the benefit of the many. They will stand for what is right and true.

Mighty defenders like knights in shining armors will prevail. With loyalty and courage, John Paul Acacio, Irwin Lasafin, Allan Purificacion, Nizel Alarca, Harold Cerilla, and Aldrin Enriquez will defend our country. They will not fight only with our own strength and power, but together with Ranie Go, Jason Fresco, Donald Lumagui, Jr., and Jaquelyn Nabua, they will fight with the motivation of the whole nation and the divine guidance of God.

Leonilla Codilla, Maria Luisa David, Timothy Ocampo, Aries Vinluan, Jastine Basuil, Leai Tupas, Jackielyn Love Jagunap and John Gaurano, will be defenders of truth, lawyers who stand for what they believe is morally right and is pleasing in the sight of God and man. They will defend the rights of the oppressed and will always hunger and thirst for justice.

In the near future, certified public accountants will excel bookkeeping, keeping records of money, not from illegal gambling, but from the sweat and blood of hardworking businessmen and women. CPAs such as Darel Pallesco, Jen Joyce Faustino, Clarice Labiano, Aimee Arazanso, Charmiane Hernando, and Dianna Casugay, will be counting the riches of business tycoons Annabelle Rusia, Austine Cajulis, Hannah Mascardo, Grace Rojas, Raigel Alcera, and Jane Gañac, who do not get their money from taking advantage of other people, but from the fruit of their labor. Investors will come up, not from foreign land but local investors, Nemitess Dabal, Dana Estrella, Jennifer Palacios, Madelle Trias, Ronald Henajosa, and Ailynne Bidan. They will perk up our country's industry and make it known all over the world. Industrial engineers such as Paolo Viray will also contribute much to the nation's industry, as they improve the quality of our nation's products. Economists like Jocelyn Fernandez and Tresheena Labayo will exert much effort to learn about ways of improving our economy's state and make it one of the stabilized economies in the world.

The hands of the artistic will provide color to our world. They will not only draw, but they will draw with meaning. Gaylord Salonga, Cristina Doughman, RP Panteleon, and Adrian Herrera will make cartoons or works of art not only for the sake of entertainment and pleasure but they will make them to convey a message, the message of God's love. Their artistic touch would really touch the lives of people and draw lasting legacies in their hearts.

As patients lie on hospital beds, Drs. Jose Samala III, Jenet Lim, Jenilyn dela Cruz, Mariella Muncal, Lalaine Monton, Iris Pagkaliwangan, Princess Sallutan and Paula Katon will not only be attending their physical needs but they will also be praying for their physical and emotional healing. Pediatricians Majelyn dela Cruz, and Sharlyn Catimbang will minister to sick children, giving them hope that God offers. Dentists Kristina Rancudo and Racheline Vanta will give dental treatment to patients, and at the same time reach out to their felt needs. Psychologists Karenn Joy Calosa, Lloyd Monzon, Eurineriqua Cruz and Tricia Darole will give Godly influence to mentally and emotionally disturbed people, helping them to be better persons. Assisting these doctors, will be nurses Abbigail Iris Bello, Maybel Camaña, Jonah Villarba, Jade Riazon, Jodylee de Guzman, and Perveen Lajarato who will devote their time caring for the people who need comfort. Those in the medical profession will do these things not because it is a part of their sworn oath but because of the compassion in their hearts that moves them to help the people in need.

The excellence of Korina Sanchez, Loren Legarda, Noli de Castro and Karen Davila in mass communications and broadcast journalism will be seen in the personalities of Jiezyl Mae Florendo, Jesi Cris Manabat, Jalaine Dotillos, Leah Olidan, Celete Morado, and Jesyka Mendoza, but better. Together with their devoted service to the people through mass media, is their untiring search for the truth in all events. They, together with newspaper and magazine editors, will repot to the news that is true, without any spot of sensationalism. With the help of Electronics and Communicacions engineers Fynk Floyd Acosta, Karl dela Paz, Gilbert Lavides, Jannsen Ricasata, Mark Allan Valencia, Resme Amistad, Sheena Joyce Jarabelo communication will be improved. Together with Darwin Arguson, L.A. Patawaran, Reynalin Cuevas, Liezl Sarreal, Karla Valero, and information technologist Audrey Adriano, they will pave a way for electronics and communications to be of more help and benefit to all peole.

Soon the beautiful faces of Kim Agbunag, Arien Sison, Katrinna Lumunsad, Rhenna Mae Santonil, Rica Joy Margete will be seen both in television and newspapers, bearing the most prestigious beauty titles in the world. They will shine above the rest, having the intelligence and true beauty of a Filipina, both inside and out. Super models like Tara Ronquillo, Jacquelyn Corteza and Joanna Nazareno will show off clothes with dignified style and meaning designed by skilled designers.

The angelic voices of Harlyn Ann Soer, Jonna Mae Cenica will ring out on all corners of the earth as they sing the beautiful compositions of acclaimed composers Xyza Cutanda and Melbert Franco, whose songs will be known for the beauty of their message, which seeps deep into people's hearts. The captivating moves of Adam Escobar, Daryl Suarez, Christopher Crisostomo, Frederick Lavariño, Armand del Rosario, Armeo Tolentino, Jefferson Kalugdan, and Royd Baltazar will entertain many people. Charismar Orbegoso will be seen on the big screen as a famous Holywood star, displaying the Filipino's gifts in acting. Apple Pueblo, on the other hand, will excel in the field of advertising.

The athletic prowess of Angelette Alfaro, JB Olaes, Mark Mateo, Hart Tolentino, will be known all over the world. They will surpass the records of past athletes, but in their victory, they will give back all the glory and honor to God, Who gave them such ability.

IN the near future we will be seeing magnificent structures rise, designed by well-known architects Aleiza de Lara and Leonelle Michelena. Competent and reliable engineers such as Engrs Smile Araga, Neschel Carriedo, Jade Jurado, Jamie Millar, Vanessa Martinez, Mark Po, Mark Dones, Jon Erick Villalobos will supervise the accomplishment of these structures. Interior designers Jhona Tañag and Joan Mercedes Roxas will then design the interior of these structures, making the most out of their talents and abilities.

The electrical expertise of electrical engineers Jonathan Cruz, Isidro Alan Sevilla, the proficiency of mechanical engineers, Mark Jason Pichay, Mark Roy Juban, and the skills of technician Nyll Madrid will make possible execution and completion of the people's work and daily routines.

Hotels and restaurants will be managed by top of the line hotel and restaurant managers like Freddie Lacorte Jr., giving their utmost to offer the best quality service to their clients. Their hotels and restaurants would be the venues of important and significant events, where they would accommodate respected people from all over the world, making the Filipino people known for their being hospitable.

In travel, we will encounter aircrafts piloted by Fitz Sagpang, Joshue Timbang, Rosendo Enriquez, Algier Pasco, and Christian Diaz, working hand in hand with flight attendants Jasmine Mancilla, Melissa Enriquez, Eulanie dela Rosa, and Dhana Pareja doing the best they can to accommodate and make comfortable their passengers. Going further, in aerospace travel, Michael Poblete in the future, will launch a Filipino spacecraft, which will bring Michael Bulacan to his mission in outer space, beholding the beauty of God's creation of heavenly bodies.

Back on earth, as Lenard Stuart continuously searches for the puzzle pieces of the past through archeology, great advances in technology will occur. Kenrick Macaspac, Vincent Espiritu, Edward Zabala, Eulah Baquiran, Jennifer Morada, Joylene Gonzales, Althea Mae Mamaril, and Anson Luzon will create and improve computer programs designed to help people in their continuous process of learning, giving them dependable sources of information and learning media. Future computer engineers Sidney Umban, Martin Olivar, Ronald Jose, Karlo Alvarez, Aaron Tamayo, Rosalee Tañedo, Gladys Nonescan, Ricadel Noceda, Elmond Cuevas, Virgilio Carangalan, and Cesar Louie Peralta, will find more ways of improving man's life thorugh technology, but always taking into consideration the values that have to be kept amidst technological advancements.

Withoput mentors, no one would have become what he or she wanted to be. They are instruments that God uses for people to achieve their dreams. In the future, Rene Angelo Aquino, will be one of them who will rear the next generation and teach them to become responsible persons, ready and determined to reach their goals in life.

Giving and devoting their lives to the service of God and of the church, Rellyric delos Santos, Paolo Noceda, Rizza Ignacio, Andrea Andrade and Diana Pisig would be our nation's future spiritual leaders, leading us to give our everything to God, to give Him thanks in all circumstances, to give Him our hearts and our lives, and to do what is right and pleasing to Him, in accordance to His will. They would set the example for everyone to live a true Christian life of faith, hope, truth and love.

As I ponder into these thoughts, I remember that changes have made batch 2001 strong. I continue to pray as we face more changes and challenges in the future, we will stay strong - strong to fulfill this prophecy, strong enough to fulfill our dreams and goals in life, to instill changes and to make a difference, and for the praise and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ .

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