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June-March 2001


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One's Life's Meanings

Lifeís path
Things we ignore

In lifeís journeys, so many things come our way. Sometimes we experience joy and happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment, love and affection. We trust, we hope, we dream, we soar. We pass by smooth rivers and green gardens. We live in absolute peace. But sometimes, though how much we try to avoid it, we meet disappointment, hatred, and pain. Anger. Fear. Betrayal. Agony and sufferings. Thorns, weeds and scrubs envelop our way. We pass by deserted places and at times stay at lonely islands. We meet people along the way, to be with us, to care for us, to help us, to encourage us, to love us. And also, to hurt us, to desert us, to criticize us, to forsake us, to use us. In the end, they will all leave us. So many things happen to us humans.

Lifeís Path

Man has its path to take in this life, though he may like it or not. But has it ever occurred to you the reasons why life has to be like this? For once, have you ever sat down and try to ponder on why do such things happen to you? Why do these things need to happen? Or do you just regret these had happened? Do you always wish that you should have done something? Have you ever thought what difference it could have been if that event did not happen? Do you always take for granted the good things that come along? Do you care for those people who had loved you so deeply? Have you ever been able to appreciate it? Did you ever even think of that?

Guess not. We are always thinking, pondering, wondering of what would happen to us. We always busy ourselves for the sake of ourselves. What would make us happy. What would make us famous. What would make us satisfied. What would make us look good. When we get hurt, we blame other people. We blame ourselves. We cry in dark corners. We accept it as it is. We say that thereís nothing we can do about it. We bury those in the deepest of our system. We shake our heads when we are reminded of them. We grow bitter about it. We condemn it. Regret it has to happen. We never really gave a thought on why it happened. Why it have to come your way or why you have to endure it. We let it pass by as if nothing happened. That it once gave us smiles and tears. And thatís that.


Sometimes, we have to learn why these things happen. What good did it brought in our life. If it was a good thing, then accept it as a gift from heaven and give thanks it happened to you for it gave you joy and happiness and maybe a reason to live. When bad things happen, try to think, why did it happen? Was there something wrong that you did why it happened? If there is, do not blame yourself instead learn from that mistake. Try to fill up your recklessness. Stand up from where you had fallen. If it wasnít your fault, then let it go. You had tried your best.

In both cases, pick up the lesson that you will learn. Get the wisdom offered by such situation. Treat it as a opportunity to grow. To mature. Do not be blinded. Choose the positive rather than the negative pieces that had scattered from that shattering. Just like a clam who forms a pearl when an irritant enters its whole being, when some dust, soil or pollutant disoriented the whole clam. We should be like that. We should turn our sorrows and misfortunes into gems gleaming with brightness. When people we love desert us, cry but do not hate. Long but do not enslave yourself. You have to think why it had to happen. Is there somewhere out there who is far greater and more deserving of your love? Is there something that you need to learn from all this? Maybe, just maybe, these regretful things did not happen. Have not taken place, have been altered or corrected. Think of what you might have been losing for now. Think of what you might have missed. Do not think of what should have happened, what you may have gained, what you might have been enduring. Think of the benefits and gifts that you now possess because of that bitter event. Think of the so many blessings youíve got from that mistake. Try to think of it. See the difference. The big difference that might had happened.

You see, life is just some sort of training. A stage wherein we have to collect all the wisdoms and graces that we receive. Like gold tested in fire in order to purify and shine the true color in us. Like a diamond cut into pieces to shape it perfectly. We should be like that. If we would just accept in the depths of our hearts what had happened, if we could just understand its true message, if we could just formulate pearls out of it, then, we may be able to endure everything.

Things we ignore

Also, let us be thankful for all the blessings God has provided us. Those little things that we ignore. Those tiny things that is meaningless to us. Those people who have shared their lives with us. Those persons who had been with us. Those who truly loves us. Let us not take them for granted. Once in a while, take some time to appreciate them. Try to return it to them. To be thankful they had been a part of our lives. Be grateful that they cared for us deeply. Never fail to realize their importance. Before the time they are gone and no longer by our side.

As a conclusion, be happy when good things happen, it gave us joy and happiness. Gave us warmth and affection. When not-so-good things happen, be thankful. For with it, you were able to grow. You were able to mature. You were able to be a better person. Remember that always, as you travel along your way.   By Karen Joy T. Calosa

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