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June-March 2001


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Interview wtih Fr. Ferdie

A new school year. A new beginning. A new administration. A new principal! Let’s take a look at some info that our new father principal, Fr. Ferdinand Fornilos, OAR gave us, about himself.

Fr. Ferdinand Fornilos came from an Augustinian Recollect Seminary in San Carlos, Cebu. He originally came from Cagayan de Oro, in Northern Mindanao, where his family lives. He said that he entered seminary when he was first year high school, out of his curiosity, and his want to be away from his family and home. (hmmm… somewhat like an adventure). It is during his stay in the seminary that he felt the calling of becoming a priest.

Here are some questions given to Fr. Ferdinand Fornilos, and his answers to them.

Q: How would you describe Fr. Ferdie?
A: “I am a kind of person who stands by my principles, defends and fights for what is right.”

Q: What are your hobbies/favorites?
A: “I enjoy reading. I also like swimming, … and eating.”

Q: How about your motto in life?
A: “I don’t have a particular motto. Maybe, just to live a good Christian life.”

Q: What is your greatest dream in life?
A: “My greatest dream was to become a priest. And I have already achieved it. Right now, I just live one day at a time and make the most out of it.”

Q: How does it feel to be the high school principal and dean of student affairs at the same time?
A: “Very challenging. Mahirap, but, well, there’s the challenge.”

Q: What is the message that you want to impart to all Sebastinians, especially to the high school students?
A: “For them to study hard, work hard for their dreams and aspirations in life.


By Abigail N. Saria

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